What type of kitchen never goes out of style?

Why we love this popular and enduring style


Discover how to create a timeless and enduring space with a kitchen that will never go out of style

There’s a wide range of kitchen styles to consider if you’re remodeling your room, but if you want to know what type of kitchen never goes out of style, then you might do well to consider a Shaker-style kitchen. 

Shaker kitchen ideas are a major feature of the kitchen, and well-made, classic kitchen cabinets will be part of your home for a very long time. Instantly recognized for their timeless, uncomplicated designs featuring simple paneled doors and an abundance of natural materials, Shaker kitchens are ubiquitous in homes throughout the world.


Shaker kitchens are renowned for their unfussy cabinetry, featuring clean lines and a simple recessed panel, which provides the perfect backdrop to define your kitchen style. However, the beauty and longevity of Shaker cabinetry were not just superficial. As they believed that God could see everything, even the back of a cupboard should look as good as the front. To reflect this craftsmanship, use solid wood kitchen cabinets constructed with strong dovetail joints for pieces that exude the Shaker ethos.

‘A hand-painted kitchen works particularly well for its timeless appeal and because it is so useful to be able to repaint it every now and then to create a different look and feel,’ says Tiffany Duggan, founder, Studio Duggan(opens in new tab). ‘I’ve seen 20-year-old classic Shaker kitchens that have been repainted and look amazing. With a contemporary flush (flat-fronted) kitchen, think about whether you see yourself liking it in the future. Given its cost, cabinetry is usually the one thing you don’t want to change in a hurry, whereas you can always repaint the walls or replace the backsplash if you wish.’

‘When our studio first opened in 2011, kitchens all seemed to be neutral in color, whether they were classic or contemporary. Now we are seeing more demand for kitchens with color, pattern and personality, which is probably another reason why the Shaker style is so popular. It can be customized easily: the interiors of a glass-fronted cabinet can be painted, in one color, the door frames in another, or the handles changed as you wish. I also recommend adding an antique china cupboard or sideboard to the room, so the fitted cabinetry doesn’t look too “samey”.’