Police reveal suspected robbery involving Chinese was planned


The Gambia Police Force (GPF) preliminary investigation revealed plans for last week’s suspected robbery incident involving two Chinese nationals, who claimed to be allegedly assaulted and robbed.

The Police report revealed that the two Chinese were identified as Johny Zeng and Lucas Wanbiao of Kanifing, saying the duo planned the robbery to steal money from a shop.

Police revealed that Junzhao Deng was on the run at the time of writing this statement and they were doing their best to have him arrested.

In a statement, the Police revealed that while on the investigation, Johny Zeng admitted that he had agreed with his coworker, Lucas Wanbiao, to give three million and thirty thousand dalasis (D3, 030,000) to Junzhao Deng out of shop money for safekeeping. 

“The money was received by Mr. Deng on Saturday the 17th of September 2022 at the shop in Banjul for safekeeping until the proposed deal is done.

On the 19th of September 2022, around 09:00 a.m., Johny Zeng and Lucas Wanbiao discussed and agreed to create a scene of robbery by inflicting injury on each other. To make the scene look believable and acceptable, they brought with them books and two old laptops from their residence to the said shop.”

Police findings narrate that Mr. Junzhao Deng assigned Omar Tamba (driver) to receive them on his behalf, adding that Omar was told by Junzhao Deng to put on a cap and face mask because the duo was suffering from flu.

Contrary to allegations that the duo was stabbed, Police established that Mr. Lucas Wanbiao confirmed that he took a knife and cut Johny Zeng on the upper back of his left shoulder and Johny also used the same knife to cut Lucas Wanbiao on his right hand below his elbow, appearing as if they were robbed by Omar who was camouflaged as the suspected robber that entered the shop.

Revealing his reasons, the Police statement continued that Johny admitted taking monies from the shop coffers on several occasions and using it to play games at Star casino, leading to the loss of two million dalasis (D2,000, 000)

“According to Lucas Wanbiao, having lost a lot of money at the Star Casino in Senegambia, he, Johny Zeng, and Junzhao agreed to steal monies from the shop to pay for the lost cash at the casino and the balance of the money to be taken to Senegal to be changed into RMB.”

“Lucas Wanbiao further stated that he bought a knife from the supermarket which they used for the operation. They confessed that they did not know Omar Tamba (the driver) before the incident.”

The investigation into the matter continues.