Rwanda woman faces two years in jail for ‘shameful’ dress

Kigali 's girls in Tayc's concert
Kigali 's girls in Tayc's concert

Girls from Kigali who attended Julien Bouadjie known as Tayc (Tey-K) keeps trending on social media because of wearing style they wore in this concert and there’s no common agreement by audiences about this dressing style.

This concert happened in the night of Saturday last week, On 30th , July 2022 venue BK Arena. Tayc participated with Rwandan artists including Christopher, Kivumbi King and Ruti Joel, meanwhile Dj Toxxyk mixed music.
There were many audiences, there was above five thousands (5000) of audiences especially youth generation like girls who wore modern fashion.

The trending article regarding to this concert is about wearing style by Kigali ‘s girls who attended the concert, especially youth girls and boys characterised openly.

They danced enough, sharing, and taking some drinks from Skol Brewery which was selling beer of ‘Skol Pulse’.

The fact chosen some photos which captured by journalists group including many which audiences didn’t see even those ones seen but keep trending on social media.

Kigali 's girls in Tayc's concert
Kigali ‘s girls in Tayc’s concert