Gambians’ Reactions To Sex Tourism

Gambia sex Tourism

Gambia Sex Tourism
Gambia Sex Tourism – As the Gambia image was painted with a dark color as “heaven for European sex tourists” this was followed by various reactions to the said statement as the Gambia Tourism Board saying “what they want is quality tourists. Tourists that come to enjoy the country and the culture, but not tourists that come just for sex.”

The statement as published in various news outlets has caused murmuring around the corridor of tourism as it does not go down well with many people and has attracted various comments as the debate continues.

The statement was made shortly after the Tourism Board visited the UK and there urged the UK government to lend a hand in restricting their old people from visiting the Gambia for sexual purposes.

However, the Board is said to be taking steps hoping to clean up the Gambia’s image for a more honored one, and the Board seeks to introduce laws that will mitigate the trend by allowing police officials to arrest anyone suspected of the act.

Meanwhile, some Gambians have made different comments on the issue with contradictions that these white tourist ladies have helped change the lives of many young people in the tourism area.

That it is not easy to ascertain which tourist comes to the country for sexual pleasure and stopping those tourists from coming into the country will make those boys in the industry suffer.

Some Gambians (bomsters) said that because the country is tough from all angles with no gain or support from the government, they have no choice but to result in what is available.

Notwithstanding, better and more precise words should have been used to close the door against the old grannies if not wanted in the country rather than spitting on their face direct just as the Director General of the GTBoard did.

But the debate is still open both GTBoard and citizens both have points to prove over the issue.

But one thing well noted, Destination Gambia is not a sex tourism destination,